Saturday, 23 January 2010

Front running the election

Thanks to Grumpy

Postman Al raised the terror alert level last night to ‘Severe’. He freely admits that, “there is no intelligence to suggest than an attack is imminent.” It is true that there is a conference next week to discuss the problems in the Yemen, but does this really justify the increase in level from the prior level of ‘Substantial’?

Many have suggested that this is part of a plan to generate an excuse to avoid a general election. Although I believe that the psycho mind of the pant-pissing, one-eyed snot-goblin has considered this on more than one occasion, I doubt that raising the level at this time is part of that plan. To justify suspending the election there would have to be an ‘incident’ before he could get away with it. We will have to wait until April before the cunt puts that plan into action.

I think that this is more likely to be old fashioned manipulation. When a shop has a sale it is often suggested that the price of the goods is increased for a period beforehand in some of their outlets so that they can justify their claims of discount. This is what is happening here. The terror level has been raised for a period of time before the election. Nothing will happen, because it was never going to, and the level will be dropped just before polling day. The nuLieBore cunts will then claim that they have saved the country again by preventing a terrorist act.

Look for more things like this. Despite the polls that show a substantial lead for the Conservatives I don’t believe that they are such a certainty to win. Not that they would be any better that the cunts we have in power now. The distribution of votes means that there is still a very good chance of nuLieBore retaining power after an election. If they were certain to lose then they wouldn’t hold one at all (see above). Fake promises, bribes to various demographics, and manipulating the fear of the people using the terror alert level are in the election armory of nuLieBore and they will use them to win an election with extreme prejudice.

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Anonymous said...

Very plausible. Anything is possible. One thing we can be sure of is that the status was raised to "severe" for manipulative reasons.

A space worth watching.