Wednesday, 30 September 2009

PM Clown Interviewed

I have to thank Bob Shawadiwadi for giving me the inspiration to produce this video. I have plans to produce more in this series.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Anyone fancy a walk?

One of my heroes is Old Holborn. He is arranging his annual stroll around London


It’ll be nice to get a bit of exercise.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Is Gordon Brown the evil twin of Chorlton from the mirror universe?

The physical likeness is uncanny.

The snot goblin is no happiness dragon

The evil, pant pissing, snot goblin brings misery to all.

Cosgrove Hall should sue for deformation.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

solid oak inverted banjo thwinking device

What the fuck is a “solid oak inverted banjo thwinking device” you may ask. My answers is that I have no fucking idea what a “solid oak inverted banjo thwinking device” is. Blame Durbs at ContractorUK forum. I posted that I was No. 1 for Snot Gobbling Deviant on Google, but it was bumped down to No. 2 when that post was indexed. He was taking the piss as wanted to know what happens when solid oak inverted banjo thwinking device is posted.

We shall see what happens.

Monday, 7 September 2009

There is no pain, you are receding ...

There has been an extremely enjoyable blog posting that has been doing the rounds the last couple of days regarding the poor mental health of that cunt Brown. Rather than repost it as others have, I’ll post a link to the original entry: Not Born Yesterday - ESTABLISHMENT 'COLLUDING IN PLIGHT OF SICK MAN BROWN'. Given my feelings about the pant pissing, snot gobbling Cyclops, I cannot resist making a comment or two.

The author claims that the sources of his story are valid, but they are too afraid to come forward. I believe this to be the case. I also believe that this story is in large part very true. As a lay person with absolutely no medical training whatsoever, I can say, with all the authority my qualification justifies, that Gordon Brown is a absolutely barking fucking mad cunt.

However, the very last thing we want is for the snot goblin to be declared insane by some doctors. If that happens then it immediately follows that the evil cunt is not fit to stand trial for his crimes. We will never get the fucking cunt executed like that. Having Gordon Brown, B’Liar, Mandy the Queen of Darkness, et al, hung drawn and quartered must be our main objective.

There is another thing to consider. Could these stories of the snot goblins poor mental health be deliberately planted by him? It is wholly consistent with the duplicitous nature of the cunt to feed these stories so that he can get himself declared unfit to stand trial and evade any prosecution for his misdeeds. He has a long history of such dirty tricks.

Update: I just had to add this video from the movie version of 'The Wall', by Pink Floyd